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My love for parties began while watching my mother; aunt and a few friends beautify themselves to make among the best in town parties and events.  I couldn’t wait to see the pictures of every event and was blown away with all of the glitz and glamour.

Growing up I was introduced to a world of celebrity that I knew I’d be a part of – with great music and lavish parties. My first and successful project 15 years ago was a group of 100 Senators of the U.S. Congress, brought to Russia by Mr. James H. Billington, the Librarian of the U.S. Congress. The recent one, a high end Birthday party also from New York for 80 guests, was in July this year.

Meanwhile with my team I’ve coordinated and designed a plethora of social events and weddings and loved every bit of it. 

I labor for hours in choosing the fabulous concept, the right texture of fabric, the perfect linen, the best florals and countless other details that go into creating a flawless event.  It’s my passion and what brings me alive! The last thing I would mention is that I’m quite good in working with a today’s bride – she’s extremely busy, career driven and knows what she wants.

Favorite Quote

When rip a blade of grass, the entire universe shudders.

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